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I have seen Dr. Beard for 22 years regarding various problems, the most serious being prostate cancer in 1992. I had gone to see him for a yearly physical when he detected it. As it turned out, I had two tumors, and according to the pathologist I would have been dead within a year at the age of 45.

Through the years I have had two back operations, skin cancer, depression, and disabling back pain. Dr. Beard has allowed me to live a relatively normal life by treating both the depression and back pain. I consider him a friend as well as my doctor.

Richard Welch, Lexington, NC

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Internal Medicine is the branch of medicine which includes what most people consider “adult” medicine. Doctors who specialize in internal medicine have intensive training in many disease processes, and there is a strong bias toward hospitalized patients. Many doctors who specialize in internal medicine go on to specialize in a branch of internal medicine such as cardiology (heart), endocrinology (diabetes, thyroid, etc.), pulmonary (lungs), etc.

doctorFamily Practitioners spend at least a third of their residency dealing with internal medicine, mostly doing rotations on various hospital services (cardiology, general internal medicine, etc.). Internal medicine is also an integral part of the re-certification examination required every 7 years to maintain board certification.

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