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What Is Family Practice

Family Care offers you complete family care services.

Helping you stay healthy.

Most people do not realize that Family Practice is a specialty. The specialty of Family Practice began in the United States in 1969 as a response to the growing trend of increased specialization and sub specialization among U.S. physicians. The American public became increasingly frustrated with fragmentation of care caused by the trend of going to a different doctor for virtually every organ system, and the AMA saw the need for the development of a new specialty dealing with general medicine, encompassing the specialties of Internal Medicine (General Adult Medicine), Pediatrics, and OB-GYN. In order to obtain a Family Practicetwonurses designation, the medical graduate must complete a 3-year residency program approved by the American Board of Family Practice (ABFP) and pass a certification examination given by the ABFP. This certification examination must be retaken every 7 years to maintain board certification by the ABFP. The ABFP also requires its members to undergo ongoing continuing medical education (CME) and requires a minimum of 50 hours of CME which has been approved by the ABFP to maintain board certification. Few other specialties had such rigorous requirements of their members for maintaining board certification, but thanks to the model put forth by the ABFP many are revising their standards to come in line with the standard set by the ABFP.


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