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Pediatrics is an integral part of Family Practice residency training. Family Practitioners spend time in pediatric clinics as well as time on rotations on pediatric wards in hospitals during their residency training. To ensure that Family Practitioners maintain current training in pediatrics, it is an integral part of the recertification examinations required by the American Board of Family Practitioners (ABFP), which are required every 7 years in order to maintain board certification.

Many patients enjoy taking their children to pediatricians when they are young. As they grow older, many of these children desire to switch over to an “adult” doctor, especially as they approach adolescence. Many pediatricians now offer “adolescent care” to maintain their patients for as long as possible. Family Practice offers the opportunity to avoid an unnecessary transition of care from one provider to another. Maintaining continuity of care is one of the cornerstones of Family Medicine.

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